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About Us

What is an arepa?

Arepas are a very typical Venezuelan dish that is made of white corn meal, water and salt. The dough is formed into a patty, grilled, split and stuffed with a variety of ingredients. The arepas are crispy on the outside and steamy-soft in the inside and anything can go into an arepa as a filling. The maize flour is easily digested, contains no additives or bleaching agents and it's 100% gluten-free.

The arepa is an essential dish of the culture of Venezuela, eaten by millions every day. They are quick, healthy and can be eaten anytime of the day. You can have an arepa as a snack or a meal, at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the occasional after party treat.

What is a cachapa?

The cachapa is also a typical Venezuelan dish that is made with fresh ground sweet corn mixed into a thick batter and cooked on a flat grill, like pancakes; the cachapa is slightly thicker and lumpier because of the pieces from corn kernels.

Cachapas are eaten with Queso de Mano (handmade cheese); a soft, mozzarella-like cheese and you can also fill it with shredded beef, chicken, pork and more.

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